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What are the benefits of using a good Conference Manager?

Using a conference manager allows the Client to focus on their own areas of expertise in their core business activities prior to a conference and allows them to concentrate on their networking opportunities at the conference.

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It is the Clients conference, so let the Client enjoy the conference and let the conference manager manage the conference on their behalf.

The Client is able to leverage off the Conference Managers experience, expertise and network of suppliers in the following areas:

Maximise income via targetted marketing/selling to increase income through delegate boosting and maximising sponsorship and exhibition sales.

Minimise expenses via quantity discounts in graphic design, web site design, mailing, printing, venue room hire, accommodation rates, catering, theming, entertainment and the provision of audio visual services.

Conference Managers utilise proven "Timelines" or "Project Schedules" to ensure required tasks are completed ahead of time, eliminate risk and allow the Client time to consider multiple options.

Conference Managers utilise proven Budgets to ensure the Client will not be exposed to a budget overrun.

Conference Managers utilise specially developed software packages accompanied by proven systems and documentation that can be easily tailored to suit a Clients Conference.

Conference Managers offer creative ideas to enhance or provide a fresh look to the event.