The world hasn’t stopped! What we’re living through right now is unprecedented, and things feel really strange. Families, schools, and businesses have done their best to find new rhythms, new ways of filling their days, and new opportunities to learn and grow in a world that’s now more virtual than ever. If you need a moment to recalibrate, we hope you’re giving yourself a chance to take a long, deep breath. And when you’re ready to explore a few virtual possibilities, we’d love to help you learn more about the ACE Event App and working in conjunction with virtual events.

The (Virtual) Future

As you consider what a more virtual future might mean for you and your business, we’d strongly suggest you start to embrace some of the amazing tools that are already out there! From co-working meetings hosted via Zoom, adapting a new online productivity tool, or even Friday evening Skype happy hours (featuring everyone drinking their favourite beverage safely from home, of course), there are amazing opportunities to expand on how you and your team communicate and operate.

And for those of you who typically host conferences and events?

You don’t have to automatically cancel all of your plans! Yes, we can all see that it may be a bit of time before we’re back to booking venues and calling in the caterers. But those things were NEVER the backbone of your event.

As a business, you hosted events in order to bring a team or community together collectively. You wanted to honour your associates and clients. To share new information and keep everyone up to date on industry best practices. Your event was about connection, community, and collaboration.

You can still have all of that when you host a virtual event. And now, more than ever, people want a reason to come together (from the comfort of their own homes, no less) and learn what it will mean to conduct business in the upcoming months.

Here’s the sort of feedback the ACE Event App has been garnering

“The App was great – that’s all you needed really.”

“The vibe was amazing. Liked the Q&A and the polls in the app. Really uplifting.”

“It was very interactive, and it was great to see the live poll.”

Could it be that a virtual event app is all you need in order to create an effective, sustainable event?

Opportunities for Sustainable Live & Virtual Events

If you’re thinking that it sounds great…but you don’t want to have to learn a whole new system and tool to cope with a temporary situation, we hear you. And if the ACE Event App was only going to be valuable for a few months, we probably wouldn’t bother mentioning it either. Thankfully, however, that’s not the case!

What we love most about the ACE Event App is that it is extremely flexible.

In a time that calls for social distancing and extreme precaution, the app is robust enough to carry the show on its own.  Just last week our Auaha squad attended a virtual event hosted in Washington!  It was an event that was made up of 601 attendees from all across the world and different time zones, 1 MC, 5 presenters and 22 speakers!  Virtual events are super doable, interactive and we also have the technology to do the same here in Aotearoa. From live streaming a virtual event with multiple speakers, providing the handbook, holding live Q+A sessions, and encouraging networking and connections: the ACE Event App has you covered.

  • You can virtually interact with the speaker and network with other delegates using the ACE Event App.
  • You can provide a fully functioning delegate handbook to every attendee (no printing or mailing!).
  • Live Q&A, polls and discussions let your virtual delegates interact with speakers and content, allowing them to feel present and heard.
  • Delegates can exchange virtual business cards, network, and connect in a community channel.
  • Once attendees have downloaded the ACE Event App onto their desktop and smart device, they can log into your virtual conference and start watching and use their smart devices to engage, interact, and connect throughout the entire event.

And once we’re back to business as usual?

Your event may return to a physical space, but it will be better than ever before if you’re using the ACE Event App. From an amazing handbook that costs you nothing to print, improved networking opportunities, and incredibly fast and easy post-event surveys: there are virtual elements you’ll never want to live without!

Here are a few other perks:

  • At your virtual event you can provide your delegates a virtual dining hall and your sponsors a exhibitors hall
  • You’ll no longer have to rush to meet a printing deadline for your delegate handbooks, as all that info is in the app (which you can edit in real time whenever you’d like).
  • Reduce printing costs, plus decrease the materials used in creating the handbooks. You’ll save money, have a more sustainable event, and have a positive impact on our environment and industry.
  • At live events, you can use the live poll and Q&A features during any presentation. This allows you to have questions moderated before they get addressed, and even lets delegates “up vote” questions they would like a speaker to spend time addressing.
  • The data and analytics gathered by the ACE Event App makes post-event reporting much easier and more measurable.

Here’s what some of our users have shared

“I really liked the Q&A function of the app. I think it was an excellent way to ask questions; it also prevented people from grandstanding!”

“It was great. Networking was well balanced and didn’t feel forced.  It enabled good networking opportunities.”

“The Event App enabled great participant engagement and I received extremely positive feedback – this session was the standout session at the Summit and exceeded expectations.”

Get Excited: Here’s How it Works!

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that an event app’s price is typically based on what package you choose. Each available package offers different services and levels of support. We understand that, as wonderful as apps are, they can also feel overwhelming. The thought of learning something completely new, plus all the work that goes into setting up an app for an event…

It may not sound appealing, even in the best of times!

We get it. Here at Auaha, we not only want to help, we’re actually offering the solution. We are excited to present our ACE Event App, which we have already used for a variety of business conferences. One of our huge goals in developing this app was to make your event planning journey a bit easier (okay … A LOT easier). After all, we totally understand the pressure of organising a top-notch event and the safety and limitations during this time.

So how does it really work?

  • You provide all the information: logos, colours and content. Then our Auaha squad will build your awesome event into the ACE Event App.
  • You will not have to learn the behind-the-scenes, nitty-gritty technical details on how to do all the formatting and input because we have that all covered. We’ve got you!
  • You won’t have to face the delay of creating your own app (and then waiting for app approval from the big boys, Google Play and Apple, just to get it listed) because we have already taken care of that for you.
  • Once we understand your event, we’ll provide you with recommendations that will help you get the most from your investment. (And that never means just giving you a list of things that you need to do! We’re a team, and we’re with you every step of the way!)
  • We’ll provide instructions for your delegates on how to download the app and use various features, as well as instructions for your AV team on how to best display the Q&A function and other live features (for using the app at a live in-person event).
  • We will be behind the scenes as your when you host your virtual conference event
  • We’ll show you how to best moderate your Q&A in real-time, so you can feel prepared and confident heading into your event!
  • You will receive our squad support during your set-up; all your questions answered, help troubleshooting, and info on the best way to maximise the app’s performance for your specific event.
  • The ACE Event App is a fixed price, meaning there are absolutely no hidden costs, ever! The app is meant to make the entire event less stressful, and that includes the budgeting process!

The ACE Event App is Right for Any Business Event

We want to help you leave a positive, lasting impression with your delegates. Whether they attend your event online or in person, they should leave feeling that they’ve experienced authentic engagement, interaction and networking opportunities. With the help of our ACE Event App, you can ensure that you provide exactly that!

Now, more than ever, you need opportunities to bring your delegates together. If doing so can contribute to awesome networking experiences, save you money, and facilitate digital business card exchanges, even better! The ACE Event App includes ROI functionality that makes your conference event socially safe and sustainable as well. It will grow with you and make both social interaction and social distancing more engaging than ever at your upcoming business event.

If you want to know more about our ACE Event App and how it can help with your event or your virtual event you can get more information by clicking the button below.

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