Many New Zealanders look forward to celebrating Christmas every year. And even if the holiday itself isn’t your cup of tea, we hope you still get a bit of time off. Whether you use the holiday season to rest, relax, be with family, be alone, partake in traditions, or go tradition free, it is so valuable to be gifted with time!

How will you use your time?

If you do celebrate Christmas, you may attend a midnight mass on Christmas Eve, go out for brunch, lunch, dinner (so much food!), exchange gifts, or road trip across Aotearoa (or even the world).

And if you don’t officially celebrate, you might hit the local beach or park, light up the BBQ, or travel just for the fun of it.

No matter how you spend those final weeks of December, we hope they are infused with a sense of gratefulness for all that 2019 was, and anticipation for all that 2020 can be. A solid dose of family might be wonderful (although some of us at Auaha are definitely fitting in a healthy dose of personal time too!).

As we wind down for the year, our team is looking forward to an extended Christmas break. Here’s a snippet of what our team will be up to during the holiday break!

Sandra’s Holiday

For me, the Christmas holiday season is a celebration of unplugged family time.  It’s the one time of the year I can close the doors on the business and not give it another thought for at least two weeks. (This year, it’ll be three!)

Home for me is Taranaki. My parents still live in Waitara. Yes, I’m a born and bred Waitara girl!  

On Christmas Eve, the kids and I usually pack up the car and road trip. We enjoy chatting, listening to music and even, at times, sit in moments of silence. It’s always an enjoyable 5 hours together! This year, however, we’re all making our own way. (That’s what happens when your kids become independent!)

My youngest niece will turn 1 in a few days, so the magic of Santa will return to the house once again. It’s gonna be fun.

I absolutely cherish the time in between Christmas and New Years the most. During this time, we get to hang out as an extended family. We have nowhere to be, and nothing specific to do.  Some days we’ll just simply enjoy each other’s company (playing games, watching Christmas movies), other days we’ll go places and do things. This year we’re planning on going to a beach bach in Tongaporutu for a few days. We’ll be totally off-grid, with no wi-fi or cell phone coverage!  

In the new year, I’m heading to Melbourne for a week of total immersion couture sewing school with Susan Khajle. I’ve got my pattern selection down to two possible evening gowns, but have yet to find the perfect fabric. (Maybe Santa will come through for me this year!) Here’s a sneak peek at the patterns: Marfy 3961 and Marfy 6380.

Then it’s back to the office on Monday, 13 January to welcome two newbies to the Auaha squad. 

Bring on 2020 – it’s going to be the best year yet!

Jane’s Holiday

I’m super excited for Christmas this year, as it’s the first time in a very LONG time we’ll be celebrating at home. I’ve already got my tree up because I’m so excited!

Overall it will be a mellow Christmas day for our whanau. There will be lots of presents (mostly for the kids), and lots of wine (mostly for the adults)! 

We’ll do presents and a big breakfast in the morning at my brother’s house, hopefully followed by some backyard cricket, and maybe even a trip to the beach. Christmas dinner is always LIT in our family, so that’s something we always look forward to as well.  

After Christmas I’ll be heading off to Vanuatu for two weeks of sun, swimming, and some seriously needed chill out time. This is my favourite time of the year, and I’m looking forward to spending time with family. I’ll also be getting as much sun as I can in order to make up for my lack of Vitamin D these last few months. We’ve had a crazy busy period at Auaha! 

Here’s to a tanned 2020 me!  Meri kirihimete.

Beckie’s Holiday

This year Christmas will be different from the traditional norms of extended family, presents followed by a killer to’ona’i (family lunch). I’m looking forward to the change! 

This year the holidays is more about spending quality time with my parents, who are at a delicate age. I am so blessed to still have them both! Christmas Day I am planning to pack a picnic lunch. Then I’ll take my parents on a short day trip to somewhere they haven’t been before. On Boxing Day, I plan to bring them down to Wellington for brunch. Afterwards, we can check out the beautiful scenic horizons of the Shelly Bay area, followed by a good, old-school ice cream cone from Seatoun.  

I aim to spend some time in the kitchen with mum so I can learn a few of her signature dishes.  Obviously none of her recipes are written down, and there are no set measurements. This should be interesting! 

I also hope to get into the garage with dad and do a bit of a cleanup!  This will be an absolute enjoyment to him, as he’s always looking for things to do outside.  

Before returning back to Auaha early next year, I’m looking forward to spending all my holidays with my parents. I’ll also enjoy having time to rest before another busy year of work, ministry and life! I also look forward to new challenges in 2020. 

For now, manuia le xmas manuia fo’i malologa ole sama male Tausaga fou.

Andrea’s Holiday

Christmas for me is in Taranaki, where I look forward to time with loved ones.

My brothers, sisters, and their families all travel from various places around the country to come back home. Mum’s/Nana’s house is the place to be. My kids and I will head there in the morning to help prepare the food.  My job is the Pav – must not forget the Pav! We’ll enjoy a big family lunch, gifts and chill out time, and mostly just enjoy hanging out together.

In addition, I am also looking forward to the three week holiday over the Christmas and New Year period. I plan to recharge, spend time with my kids, socialise, and get a few jobs done around the house.

There will also need to be time for studying during the break. I’ve got an accounting paper to complete by the end of the summer semester in February.

2020 will bring many challenges for me.  My daughter will be heading off to Victoria University in late February for her first year of study.   My son will return to school for his year 12. This will include new challenges for him as well. He’ll be attending WITT one day a week with the Trades Academy program.  In addition, I will be sitting an exam for the accounting paper. I will be continuing my studies on top of all that. 2020 is already shaping up to be a busy year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

Best Wishes to You

There you have it!

Did you enjoy the quick sneak peek into how the Auaha squad will be spending their Christmas break? If you have a moment, we’d love to hear what you’re most excited to celebrate during the holiday season!

Wherever you may be and however you choose to spend your break, our team at Auaha wish you a very Merry Christmas in advance!

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