In the midst of wrapping up annual goals, closing down Q4, and planning for next year? It can be easy to shrug off the benefits of organising a Christmas event when there is so much to do. After all, there is no lack of things that need to get taken care of, at both work and home!

Despite all that busyness, I would strongly encourage you to create a social committee. Charge them with creating a cheerful, high spirited, holiday atmosphere and planning a holiday celebration. In addition to spreading joy, brightening a season that can feel a bit bleak, and forging a connection between associates, choosing to host a holiday-themed event can also bring a larger value to your team and organisation. (If they need a little help, keep reading to find out about our FREE function planning worksheet!)

Bringing the entire staff together can do wonders for overall morale. 

Gatherings that are removed from agendas and to-do list help everyone relax and enjoy one another’s company. (Something we can forget to do in the midst of a crazy workload!) It’s also an opportunity for managers and company leaders to publicly show their gratitude and appreciation for everyone on the team. 

There’s no need to exchange physical or monetary gifts, although that can be a fun addition. What truly matters is that your event is personal and feels like a gathering filled with genuine appreciation and opportunity for connection (I love that word).

If you’re hesitating over having a holiday party because your business didn’t have a very successful year, I’d encourage you to have one anyway! 

If there’s a general sense that your team failed, or significantly underperformed, low morale won’t do you any favours. Invest in relationships, bring your team together for a Christmas event, and celebrate whatever wins you can identify. For example, many team members likely exhibited determination, endurance, perseverance, resilience, and loyalty. And aren’t those the ideal characteristics you want on a team?

Just because it wasn’t the best of years doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the benefits of organising a Christmas event!

When you choose to look past the downsides of the year and celebrate the people on your team, it speaks volumes about their position in your organisation. By choosing to spread gratitude and a spirit of thankfulness, you’ll strengthen the entire team for the next year. You’ll see an increase in morale, team spirit, and in positive team dynamics. What a great way to close out an otherwise rough year!

Often it’s these small steps that start to turn things around.

Are you convinced?

Ready to dive in and start planning your Christmas function? You’ll want to take a moment to identify your office culture first. That will have a huge impact on the sort of event you plan! (You can’t please everyone, but you can take the pulse of the majority!)

Let’s consider the people on your team, and the sorts of things they might actually enjoy.

An exuberant or outgoing group of people might find a costume or dress-themed party to be super fun. If you go with this option, you’ll want to choose a venue that complements that theme. Perhaps somewhere with great lighting and space to move around (so everyone can really take in all the fun costumes). Or maybe a secluded venue that allows everyone to let loose and be a little goofy could be perfect.

If your team tends to prefer activity, adventure, or movement, you can cater to that! There are a number of organisations that offer team building events that provide this sense of adventure. Perhaps an indoor obstacle course or an outdoors adventure would be exciting and enjoyable.

Remember that the ultimate point is to make sure your team feels seen, valued, and appreciated!

Does your team contain lots of parents? If so, they’d probably appreciate some sort of family affair. 

You can create an event that includes family members as a way to foster a sense of belonging and connectedness. Rather than having them choose between family time and attending a work event, you can give them the chance to do both. Again, you’re showing your employees that you see them and value their time and participation.

That’s one of the largest benefits of organising a Christmas event, so you don’t want to lose it by disregarding employee needs to plan something that only seems enjoyable to a small number of participants.

All of these benefits can extend beyond employee Christmas functions as well. 

Every year, there are businesses that plan wonderful Christmas events for their clients.

If you’re hoping to do this, I’d encourage you to keep the focus on genuine relationship building. This is a chance to appreciate your clients, not pitch them on a new product or service. Most people who have been invited to a Christmas party expect food, music, and general cheer. Don’t push them away by making it feel like a business meeting!

Catering to your team’s desires and needs as a way to maximize the benefits of organising a Christmas event. In the same way, you’ll want to consider your client’s preferences as well.

When you’ve built up real client relationships over the course of the year (or years), you’ll be able to consider your client’s values. Use this knowledge as you consider the best venue and atmosphere. Since this party shouldn’t be about business, you can also afford to be more creative than usual! 

Choose to have fun and look for the best ways to maximize joy and connection as you plan this year’s event!

Planning a Christmas event can be more enjoyable and less stressful than a more formal business event. However, it’s still vital that you give it your all! Everything from the venue, caterer, guest list, and entertainment are a reflection of how well you know your team and clients. As a result, your choices will determine how valued and appreciated these vitally important people feel. They will absolutely take notice of the amount of thought and effort that you put into your Christmas function. Don’t throw something together haphazardly. It will diminish the value!   

As you consider the benefits of organising a Christmas event, remember that each element contributes to its overall success. 

The ultimate ROI is to go into the new year with every team member and client fully aware of what a valuable part they play in your organisation. Their renewed commitment to your organisation will be the foundation of everything that is to come!

And since you’re likely pretty busy yourself, we’d love to help you end the year well. 

Here’s a free planning worksheet that will help you plan an event for any upcoming function (including Christmas) with ease!

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