Events in 2022 are a little different from what they were two years ago, but our Auaha squad decided to put some serious thought into our event management goals for the new year.

What was your theme song for 2021?

Is it “I’m still standing” by Elton John
Or maybe it is Chumbawamba’s ‘Tubthumping’

I think mine is ‘Four seasons in one day’. It definitely felt like it. (In case you were wondering, I especially connect with the ‘Smiling as the sh*t comes down’.)

There were challenges, curveballs, and chaos around every corner. And just as we were swiping off the sweat of our brows after overcoming one hurdle, the next one was already rearing its ugly head. (I’m looking at you, Omicron, you sneaky rascal!)

Events in 2022: What Comes After The Year Of Never-Ending Change?

Change doesn’t come naturally to us humans, does it?

Of course , we like it enough when it’s called ‘innovation’; meaning we ourselves are responsible for the change. But when ‘change’ is called ‘disruption’ we’re not that keen.

So while it’s fun to come up with a theme song for 2021, maybe it’s more important to think about what we want our theme song for 2022 to be?

Me, I’ve decided that I want 2022 to be the year to be pro-active, rather than re-active.

I’m done with the topsy-turvy, hold-on-to-your-nickers ‘pivot’ .

For 2022, change is part of the plan. See, if we approach it like that, the ‘disruption’ becomes ‘innovation’. And THAT, we can handle!

Events In 2022 For Auaha

But what does that mean for Auaha events in 2022?

Don’t get me wrong, 2021 for Auaha events was a beast (although admittedly, it was a wild one). So we will see what 2022 brings.

The first quarter for events in 2022 is looking pretty decent, so here’s to more good times.

As for the planning for change (read ‘innovation’) in events I was just talking about, hybrid and virtual are now the norm in the events industry. We’ve got that down now.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have our clients go on that journey with us. It‘ s a joy to witness them having all the trust that‘ s needed to know we’ll do an outstanding job at virtual and hybrid events. Just like we used to do for in-person events.

The Auaha Squad in 2022

As to our own hopes and wishes for 2022, the entire squad at Auaha put some serious thought into our event management goals for 2022.

I mean, you want to think pro-active; you need to think goals. There is no going around that.

Event Management Goals For 2022: SANDRA

I have this long-standing tradition where I consider my goals for the year during our summer break.

As I clear my head, laze on the beach and spend time with whanau, I also schedule in a date with myself to think about my goals for the new year. These can be business goals or personal goals, or both.

I stick to 3, anything more just overwhelms. From there, I reverse engineer our project plan for the year.

I do it every year, and this year has not been different.

As to what these goals are, I will not give too much away. You’re going to have to wait and see…

Event Management Goals For 2022: AMY

I believe 2022 is a year full of a great potential!

I have identified some key areas of growth that I look forward to strategising and developing with our team. More specifically, I’m thinking about…

    • innovating our digital event technology platforms,
    • creating original virtual experiences with a focus on user engagement and uniquely presented content,
    • and identifying new tools to enhance communications and connections.

Event Management Goals For 2022: BECKIE

Last year, I sunk my teeth into the new technology that came with hybrid and virtual events. It was a challenge, but I did it!

This year, I want to stretch myself further. I am a big believer in working with the situation you’re in, not against it. There is still so much that hasn’t been done in this current environment.

So my goal for 2022 is to think outside the square. Just because nobody thought about it before doesn’t mean it can’t be done or it’s a bad idea, right?

Our Theme Song For 2022

As to our theme song for 2022?

Let’s make it Tihore Mai, performed by Moana And The Moa Hunters. It’s an old favorite in our household.

The lyrics of the original karakia are beyond fitting:

Tīhore mai te rangi
Tīhore mai
Mao mao mao te ua
Whiti mai te rā
Mao mao mao te ua
Whiti mai te rā  

Clear up sky
Clear up  
Stop stop stop rain
Come out sun
Stop stop stop rain
Come out sun