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After facing life changing moments, the business events industry is now on the road to recovery!  It’s going to be tough, event budgets are smaller. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is people and connecting with one another! When relationships are formed earlier in your career, some of those relationships you still have in your older career.  It’s those bridges you build that helps you get to where you are today.

If you didn’t know the business events industry is a niche market under the events industry umbrella.  We have mentioned the long runway to recovering because of the lead in time to delivering an event, that makes the hardship of our industry unique.  When it came to lock down our income instantly was gone, and the viability of our industry won’t fully recover till next year.  However, things are looking brighter!

Connecting people and making them feel valued and loved

The business events that we plan, deliver and style with beautiful décor it’s during this time it’s more about connection and making people feel valued and loved!  Occasionally people don’t realise the small touches we’ve added, and it could be as simple as a plant here or there.  We can still add value even on smaller event budgets so people are able to connect with one another!

Some businesses that do have a healthy event budget and may not publicly want to be holding an extravagant affair. However, internally they’re desperate to have an intimate connection to reward their team and we’re here to help.

Good news is that we can expect that closer to Christmas people will be yearning for great music, entertainment and to be able to connect and have a good time!  Although not all bar and restaurant venues will be open, it’s an opportunity to transform a plain venue into anything they like.

What our industry is going through after Covid-19

Unfortunately, with bigger events that are 200+ our go to hotel venues are no longer available to us.  This is due to hotels being used as quarantine facilities till the end of the year.  So, we face the dilemma of very limited venues for larger gatherings and what that will look like to for the remaining of 2020 may look different.

At the end of the day an event is not about how pretty and elegant it can look.  It’s about the current environment and taking the opportunity to think outside of the box.  Then discerning what is nice to have and need to have, so we are within our client’s budget.  It’s a time to listen to every person and hear what their priorities are for people to connect.  For sure when one door closes another one will open.

We will survive!

As small business entrepreneurs we’re 100% more passionate about the current environment because our business is our livelihood, heart, soul and passion.  We do what we love every day!  It’s in these times out of scarcity, small business owners look for other ways of operation and really start to innovate.

Our special guest this week had done just that!  Entrepreneur Jacqui Alexander from Event Impressions shares how they had pivoted to Flowers by Event Impressions.  Sandra and Jacqui have a kōrero about behind the scenes of the business events industry, the struggles and the one thing that never changes is people and connection during these times.

Jacqui Alexander, Co-director of Event Impressions

Joint director of Event Impressions and chief in charge of Creative, Jacqui assumes many roles – designer, creator, interpreter, translator of concept to creation, and finishing touch on all visions.

Hospitality and events, creative and design ARE her entire career on both sides of the world.  Joining forces with Jeff in 2002, Event Impressions was founded. Then she started creating and, it appears, has never stopped.

“It was with family support we got off the ground way back then. Our drive and determination saw this grow, but our team make us amazing – this is a team game” says Jacqui.

To find out more about Event Impressions check out their business links below:

Website:  www.eventimpressions.co.nz/

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderjacqui/

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/EventImpressionsLtd/

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/eventimpressionsnz/