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A High-Profile Awards Ceremony

The Auaha squad were instrumental in the success of the high-profile IPANZ Public Sector Awards Ceremony for 8 out of its 10 years.

The Auaha squad organise anything from summits, conferences, professional development, industry updates, motivational seminars and awards ceremonies without blinking. 

For 10 years, IPANZ acted as the host of The Public Sector Awards. For 8 of those years, Auaha were instrumental in their success.

When people come together, greatness happens.

The Public Sector is no different. As far as IPANZ is concerned, the door is open to anybody who is interested or engaged in the public sector.

This includes people from local and central government, crown agencies, universities, not-for-profit organisations, consultancies and private sector companies that serve the public sector. 

A High Profile Awards Ceremony

Everything that IPANZ does works towards the support and development of a high performing Public Sector. Their focus is on seminars, training and networking contributing towards ongoing improvement.

But for 10 years, they also made a point of celebrating excellence: The Public Sector Awards.

When you have the PM show up to hand out the award at your awards ceremony, you know it’s pretty high profile.

The yearly Public Sector Awards ceremony was not a small undertaking. On the night of the awards, a whopping 400 people would attend the gala dinner.

IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Award
IPANZ Gen-i Public Sector Excellence Awards

The planning started 12 months out from the event. The appointment of the convening judge was first on the list. From there, the team reviewed the categories. We approached sponsors. The convening judge would appoint 10 other judges. Every year we received between 65 and 95 nominations with 10 awards categories up for the taking.

The tech-savvy Auaha squad was instrumental in evolving the traditional paper-based voting system to an online submission and review system. It was accompanied by comprehensive judging guidelines. It’s something we’re rather proud of.

We like to pair innovative thinking with the years of experience we have. Ultimately, it enables us to come up with custom solutions that help our clients move forward.

Deloitte IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Awards

“This is a note of extreme appreciation for all the time and energy and passion you invested in this year’s Excellence Awards. You went beyond what was required to ensure the Awards were so successful. Thank you.”

Jo Cribb, President, Institute of Public Administration NZ

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