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From the Floor to the Stage: All Types of Event Seating

Everyone who attends your event, from the delegates to the speakers, needs somewhere to sit. You’ll want to know the difference between cabaret style and theatre seating so you can communicate clearly with your vendors and ensure your guests will be as comfortable as possible.

Prioritise your Delegates with these Attitudes & Actions

By the time the day of an actual event arrives, you’ve already spent a great deal of time and money marketing your conference and attempting to attract delegates. The most important piece of marketing, however, is only just beginning: you NEED to nurture delegates.

Let’s Automate Your Event Registration Process

It’s time to invest in an automated event registration process that will save you time and automate your delegate’s registration experience once and for all! If you’re not sure where to start, Auaha would love to help you get started.

Event Fatigue – Is that even a thing?

Planning for a conference takes long hours and lots of energy; shouldn’t that mean you feel excited and full of life after the event is over? Unfortunately, conference organisers and event planners know that it is common to feel even more exhausted in the days following a big event!

4 tips to rock event planning by committee

Planning an event with a committee can feel like a nightmare, but here at Auaha we want to show you how it can just as easily be a recipe for success! By creating an event vision, shared objectives, and understanding what you’ll be evaluating you can set yourself up for success from day one.

Strategising for event success

Here at Auaha, we love helping organisations put their best foot forward by assisting them in creating strategic event plans that will increase their number of attendees and sponsors as well as add value to their organisations.