Do your 2020 business plans include adding new team members? Ours do! We can’t wait to bring two new pairs of hands and two fresh sets of eyes into our team this year. That’s why we’re taking our search for our superheroes so seriously!

As we’ve been anticipating the upcoming acquisition, we started to realise that the Auaha squad is a lot like the Avengers (or at least we like to think so)! So before making any hiring decisions, we decided to take a look at what superheroes we already have on the team.

How did we discover this valuable knowledge? An online quiz, of course!

Yes indeed, we each took the Marvel Super Hero Character Quiz, and the results contained a number of surprises!

Current Auaha Superheroes

Our fearless leader, Sandra, dove in first. It turns out she’s our Star-Lord (from Guardians of the Galaxy), also known as Peter Quill. What does that mean in superhero world?

  • A powerful strategiser and solver of problems
  • A wizard of combat within tight quarters
  • Able to identify various weaponry 
  • Maintains a mental library of alien lifeforms and norms.

And what does it mean at Auaha?

  • An expert at seeing the big picture
  • A master of strategy and planning
  • A wizard of the technology tools
  • A well connected planner who knows all the norms of the event world.

Up next is the lovely Jane. If she had had a choice, she would have wanted to be Captain Marvel. According to the quiz, however, she is our Captain America!

  • Uses strengths to protect those he cares about
  • A strong moral compass, even when not convenient
  • Wants the team to win above all else
  • Grasps that gifts come with limitations as well as possibilities.

What’s she really like to work with?

  • The ability to shine the light on others and celebrate the success of team members and clients
  • Empathetic towards the needs and concerns of others
  • A firmly rooted person with a strong sense of right and wrong

Alright, we’ve made it to Beckie! She would’ve definitely preferred not to get the bad guy/good guy as her character, as she would have chosen the Black Widow. However, after taking this test, it turns out she is Loki!

  • Chief of lies and mischief (she informs us this isn’t true!)
  • Has a great deal of strength and the power to outlast enemies
  • Extremely intelligent, has all sorts of knowledge about myth, legend, and ancient tools
  • Intense and ambitious, never gives in

At work, we definitely experience Beckie as one of the good ones!

  • Always willing to look for solutions, and never gives up
  • Has a reservoir of knowledge she’s always willing to share
  • Good spirited and a lover of fun

Last but not least, Andrea, our awesome Black Widow!  The Black Widow is characterised as:

  • Highly intelligent, and often plotting deviously
  • Able to read other people and anticipate their motives and actions
  • Goal oriented to the point of being ruthless
  • Able to “shut it off” and enjoy pleasant past times when not in superhero mode

Andrea is many of those things here at Auaha as well!

  • Continuously looking ahead and planning next moves
  • Anticipates client needs and next steps
  • Able to set goals and work hard until she’s seen them achieved

What an interesting mix of characters! For those of you who read our last blog of 2019, we have to note that there is no “Hulk” in our squad!

Our existing team members definitely each have their own superpowers (strengths, weaknesses, skill set, knowledge) that they bring to the table. However, we’re on a search for our superheroes because we need two more people to complete the team! Just as the real Avengers gained more of an advantage against the power of Thanos by adding new superheroes, we hope to do the same!

The Search for Our Superheros

Our new superheros could be like Spiderman, sharing their:

  • Extraordinary strength, natural agility, and ongoing endurance
  • The ability to make sense of sticky situations
  • A keen sense for danger or trouble coming our way

Or maybe we need a Hawkeye to bring the following qualities:

  • Specialised skills in a host of helpful areas
  • Confidence, with a wicked sense of humour and a love for jokes
  • A dedicated desire to protect and care for the team

Or maybe they’ll be a new superhero that’s not yet discovered!

If you’ve ever seen an action movie, you know that each superhero has their own special powers, qualifications, knowledge and experiences.  No superhero is ever the same as any other. As we go about the search for our superheroes, always looking for the perfect additions to our team, we’re hoping to find those unique superheroes who will bring their own special talents to our organisation. 

However, trying to find people who have heart, and who can align to Auaha’s values and what we stand for and believe in can be difficult. (Almost as difficult as casting a new superhero!)

That’s alright, because we understand that recruiting takes time!  Even S.H.I.E.L.D has to do their research before they approach up-and-coming superheroes to join the Avengers. With each new applicant, we could be meeting a superhero with multiple sides (like Iron Man) or even a born-to-be-ready hero (like Spiderman). 

Strategies used in the search for our Superheroes

If you’re in the hiring process, or planning to be in 2020, we’d love to offer you a few tips to help you bring in the superhero you’re looking for!

Use of language 

Keep the language in your ad or application as simple as possible in order to avoid ambiguity and confusion. It should be clear to any incoming applicants (or heros!) exactly what the position is, what qualifies them for the role, and how they should follow up.

Use search keywords in the title 

We know the kind of hero we’re trying to recruit, but they might not know that we’re the perfect fit for them yet! 

We should consider the sort of keywords they’ll be using when they start searching for their dream team, and then be sure to use them in the title of our job description.

Use search keywords in your job description 

Use those search keywords throughout your entire job description (not just once in the title!). The chances of your advertisement ranking closer to the top are much higher when you consistently work in relevant keywords! 

If you’re hiring for a position that has a less traditional name, consider common equivalents (manager, supervisor, administrator, etc) and find a way to include them in the post to clarify the position’s role. 

Job advertisement category 

Be sure that you place your job advertisement in the right category of the job search website you use. This will make it easier for your superhero candidate to find your job, and gets you one step closer to being able to tap into the unique powers that they will bring to the table. 

One snag that we hit in the search for our superheroes is that most job sites don’t have an Event Management category. We reluctantly had to use Marketing, and hope our new candidates will look for us there. (We’re glad we used keywords strategically, since we’ll be relying on them heavily!)

Before you make any new additions to your squad, take a good look at the superheroes you already have. Whoever you hire next should be an excellent addition that fits into your current team while also bringing a new superpower to the table!