Haven’t got high expectations when it comes to the next virtual networking event? You may be in for a surprise. Because things have come a long way!

I spy with my little eye…

A virtual event that satisfies all your networking cravings.

Not possible?

I SAY IT IS! You just haven’t tried it yet. 😉

You know… I actually get it why you may be a bit sceptic. After all, it’s only a couple of years ago when the whole virtual event experience was… clunky. Maybe you’ve experienced it?

But things have been moving at a fast pace in the world of events. And networking… well, it has been the pinnacle of virtual event frustrations.

Of course, I will not argue with the idea that nothing is ever going to beat the real thing. But here’s is a well-known whakataukī in Te Reo Māori to remember:  

‘I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho’ – A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions!

Just like our tīpuna, who were inspiring navigators and innovators, we must embrace the innovation to tackle the current day challenges.

 So strap on your networking boots and join me in the virtual networking rūma.

If our recent feedback from hosts and attendees is anything to go by, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

Virtual networking events

We’ve touched on virtual networking on several occasions in the past. But we’ve never gone as far as go into the detail of what a virtual networking event can look and feel like.

So, I say it is time to pick things up where we left them off, and shed some light on what is possible in the virtual networking events arena 2022!

But let’s start at the beginning.

I assume you’ve picked up on our love for the award-winning all in one ACE Event App. It’s our go-to platform for hybrid and virtual events. You should think of it as a central hub that allows delegates to view sessions from home and at the same time interact and network.

But if your idea of a virtual event is a sleep-inducing sit-down, listen and shut-up affair, you’ve got some catching up to do!

Interaction opportunities in the virtual spheres these days closely simulate the in-person experience. Let’s say a few things have been borrowed from the online gaming experience.

Avatars? Of course!

Wanna shout across the room to get everyone’s attention? Scan the crowd for your well-respected peer who just had a recent promotion? Try that opening line you’ve been rehearsing? Go for it!

Track down the keynote speaker to ask that burning question? And while you’ve got his attention, hand over your business card? Be my guest!

Have a boogie (or at least a drink) and meet new people during the afterparty?

You name it, we’ll do it!


Platform For Virtual Networking

As you would imagine, we consider it our job to continually research and trial leading networking tools to make sure we’re offering our clients the best and most fit for purpose products.

There are two platforms for virtual networking we’ve been using recently that integrate seamlessly with the ACE App in addition to the native option within the App. The feedback has been 5-star.

So we think it’s time we introduce them to you…

Spatial Chat

See…In another space and time, when in-person events were a thing, we used to visit the event venue and tweak what was there to suit the event.

Spatial Chat allows you to do the same thing!

The virtual room that opens within the ACE Event App is entirely customisable. You’re in charge of creating the vibe of the space. Add your company logo, personalise the background, change the colours of the space interior.

As for the delegate experience, similar to an in-person event, delegates move around freely within the virtual room and can strike a conversation with those in close proximity.

Time for people to head back to the Main Stage? Your broadcast will be seen and heard across all virtual rooms.

Fancy exhibitor booths? Again, Spatial Chat mimics the real affair closely. Each of the exhibitors has its own room where delegates can meet them and chat with them…virtually.

Air Meet

Our second virtual networking platform is called Air Meet. If Spatial Chat is your opportunity to roam and mingle, Air Meet is the bee’s knees for breakouts into smaller groups or speed networking as an icebreaker.

The room is set-up as a lounge area with tables and chairs, ready for your delegates to have a face-to-face discussion with their fellows at the table.

Just like the Spatial Chat platform, the virtual networking experience echoes the real-life thing. You decide on the amount of chairs, the seating lay-out, and who gets to sit next to who (or you may decide to leave that up to the delegates.)

What’s important to appreciate is that the ‘clunky’ experience from a few years ago is fast replaced with a ‘sophisticated’ encounter that offers a wide range of options.

And while for some of us, it will never rival with meeting people in person, networking integrations these days can achieve the networking goals with an approach that’s almost as unique as in person events used to be.

So, let us know what you would like to achieve with your virtual networking event, and I’m sure there’s a fit for purpose product that helps delegates get together in a ground-breaking but safe way!